Standards-based Security
Encrypted data transferYY
Encrypted data storage on server (AES-256 bit)YY
Cryptographic data integrity protection (HMAC-SHA-256 bit)YY
Secure, unique 2-party pass phrase recovery process (RSA-3072 bit)YY
Pass phrase privacyYY
Pass phrase strength wizardYY
Print / export pass phrase during setupYY
Software manipulation safeguardsYY
Proven Backup Engine
Block level incremental backupsYY
Open and locked file support Y*1Y
Advanced data compressionYY
Support for files larger than 4 GBYY
Initial backup of large data sets to USB diskYY
Network drive supportYY
Map network drives before a backup beginsYY
Automatic removal of excluded data previously backed upYY
Local Backups
Backups to locally attached storageYY
Backups to network attached storageYY
Centralized local backupsYY
Near-zero additional configurationYY
Optionally disable encryption for local backupsYY
Versions stored in local backups Y
Resilient Network Communication
Reconnect and resume after connection failuresYY
Congestion aware flow control of backup bandwidthYY
Bandwidth throttlingYY
Uncapped backup and restore speedsYY
Pause and resume backup after standby / hibernationYY
Reliable Scheduling
Automated, unattended, scheduled backupsYY
Flexible scheduling options, including multiple backups throughout the dayYY
Ability to wake computer to perform backupYY
Automatic initiation of a backup after detection of a missed backupYY
Attentive Notification and Monitoring System
Email alerts at start of backup and end of successful backupYY
Email alerts at the end of a backup with warnings or errorsYY
Email alerts when no backup has completed recentlyYY
Email alerts when disk usage changes by more than a given amountYY
Email alerts when disk usage is above a given amountYY
Single screen display of backup status, backup history, and disk usageYY
Disk usage explorer toolYY
Detailed audit logsYY
Advanced log viewerYY
Powerful Backup Policies
Visual policy editorYY
Visualization of exactly which files are included for backupYY
Search based backupYY
Advanced policy engineYY
Smart default policiesYY
Robust Versioning System
Unlimited historical versioning Y
Customizable preservation of deleted files Y
Powerful version control settings Y
Customize version settings by folder or file Y
Versions stored using reverse deltas Y
Broad Application Support2
Hot backup of Microsoft Outlook Y*1Y
Hot backup of Exchange Server 2003 Y
Verification of integrity of Exchange database before backup Y
Hot backup of SQL Server Y
Hot backup of Oracle Y
Hot backup of MySQL Y
Custom scripts executing before/after the volume snapshot Y
Custom scripts executing before/after the scheduled backupYY
Fast and Easy Restore Process
Web-based access to data 24/7YY
Wizard-driven restore of one, many, or all filesYY
Restore data at any historical point just by specifying the date and time Y
Modern Customer Web Portal
Management and creation of sub-accounts for additional computersYY
Reporting and graphing featuresYY
Easy to Use Software
Fast initial setupYY
Clutter free, intuitive user interfaceYY
Wizard driven processesYY
Auto-diagnostics when users don't know what to doYY
Compatible with remote desktop and CitrixYY
Automatic software updatesYY
Support for 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / VistaYY
Enterprise-grade Server Infrastructure
99.999% reliability for all core systemsYY
Tier-1, multihomed, route-optimized server Internet connectionsYY
Redundant power feeds, on-site generators, and UPS systemsYY
Redundant Liebert cooling systemsYY
FM200 fire suppression with VESDA early smoke detectionYY
Multilevel security including biometrics, surveillance, and 24~7 guardsYY
24~7 monitoring of all services for fast detection and repairYY
  1. 1 Supported for Windows XP or Windows Vista
  2. 2 Supported for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Server 2003

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